Privacy Policy

VERT guarantees the privacy of you information. Read carefully our Privacy policies to understand how your personal or company’s information will be used.

This statement shows the nature of the information VERT collected in the site, how this information is used, the security and how this policy can be changed.

Collected Information
You can browse VERT’s site without providing your data or your company’s data.

Your personal or company’s information can be collected when you fill in the form Talk to Us.

VERT’s goal when collecting this information is to know better the clients or possible clients, what permits to offer a differentiated service and more adequate to your interest.

Use of the Information
The information requested to the clients and users of VERT’s site are the minimum ones needed to provide the services requested. They can also be used with a statistical purpose and to improve VERT’s services.

All the information collected in VERT’s site is used by authorized and qualified people to perform the required functions to the forward of subjects or VERT’s business.

Information Security
The clients and other users’ private information are collected and kept according to strict standards of reliability and security and will not be revealed or passed to other companies or organizations without the explicit permit of clients or users, except in the following situations:

  • By law
  • To answer the requirement of justice, government or other authority legally constituted.

All the data you send through VERT’s site is encrypted to protect you against misuse by third parties. Currently, VERT uses SSL (Secure Socket Layer) protocol encryption. However, VERT cannot guarantee completely the data transmission by internet.

VERT recommends you to protect the non-authorized access to your password and computer (that are completely under your responsibility) taking some cares:

  • Click on the button Exit (to log off) when you finish your access to restricted areas of any site.
  • Keep your antivirus active and updated.
  • Use firewall whenpossible.
  • Pay careful attention to all the files downloaded from internet and vaccinate them with the antivirus. If you do not know the sender and the message is not addressed directly to you, it is better to exclude the file or email before open.

Cookie is a small file of data that some sites record in your computer when you visit them. The cookies can have some information of the user that makes it easy to understand better the way he/she browses the site. These files do not interfere either in the content nor the work of the computer or the storage of personal information.

It is important to remember that you have autonomy to either stop or suspend the use of the cookies in your browser.

All the texts, images, sounds and/or applications displayed in VERT’s site are protected by the law of copyrights. It is not permitted to modify, reproduce, storage, transmit, copy, distribute or any other ways of use for commercial purpose without prior written consent by VERT.

The attempt to invade this site will be treated according to the law as harming, stealing or any other action specified as criminal offense, related to the invasion, determined by Brazilian law.

Changes in the Private Policy
If VERT decides to change meaningfully its private policy, the changes will be communicated in this site.


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